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Belmont Shore Real Estate

Belmont Shore Real Estate - Anything and Everything About it.

Belmont Shore Real Estate

A dedicated site for the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach California
Welcome to your dedicated real estate web site for the beach community of Belmont Shore which will also include Belmont Park, Naples, and the Peninsula.
My goal is to become your trusted real estate source for information for this Long Beach community. You will have access to information such as newly listed homes for sale, all available properties for sale, pending home sales, and month end home sales data for not only this year but past years also. data.JPG
Here is your "Free Real Estate Information" for Belmont Shore, Belmont Park, Naples and the Peninsula. To start previewing the data, just scroll down the page to find exactly what you are looking for and then click on any of the buttons which are dedicated to the neighborhood of your choice to preview it in a PDF file.

Newly Listed Homes for Sale
Just-listed-homes-for-sale-in-Belmont-Shore.jpg Just-Listed-Homes-in-Belmont-Park .jpg Just-listed-homes-for-sale-in-Naples-long-beach.jpg just-listed-homes-for-sale-in-the-Peninsula-long-beach.jpg

Your Personal Real Estate Concierge
Consider me your "Personal Real Estate Concierge." Contact me with your real estate questions, request a personalized CMA Report or discover where we are in the market cycle and if you should buy or sell.
No strings attached, just a way to introduce myself to you as true Professional. 
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Available Homes for Sale
Listed-Homes-for-sale-in-Belmont-Shore.jpg Listed-Homes-for-sale-in-Belmont-Park.jpg Listed-homes-for-sale-in-Naples-long-beach.jpg listed-homes-for-sale-in-the-Peninsula-long-beach.jpg

Pending Home Sales Report
     Pending-home-sales-in-Belmont-Shore.jpg    Pending-Home-Sales-in-Belmont-Park.jpg    Pending-home-sales-in-Naples-long-beach.jpg    pending-home-sales-in-the-Peninsula-long-beach.jpg

Month End Sales Report
(Month End Sales)
Sold-homes-data-for-Belmont-Shore.jpg    Sold-Homes-Data-for-Belmont-Park.jpg    Sold-Home-data-for-Naples-long-beach.jpg    sold-home-datat-for-the-Peninsula-long-beach.jpg
(Month End Sales)
Sold-homes-data-for-Belmont-Shore.jpg    Sold-Homes-Data-for-Belmont-Park.jpg    Sold-Home-data-for-Naples-long-beach.jpg    sold-home-datat-for-the-Peninsula-long-beach.jpg
(Month End Sales)
   Sold-homes-data-for-Belmont-Shore.jpg    Sold-Homes-Data-for-Belmont-Park.jpg    Sold-Home-data-for-Naples-long-beach.jpg    sold-home-datat-for-the-Peninsula-long-beach.jpg
Coming Soon! (Month End Sales)
Sold-homes-data-for-Belmont-Shore.jpg Sold-Homes-Data-for-Belmont-Park.jpg Sold-Home-data-for-Naples-long-beach.jpg sold-home-datat-for-the-Peninsula-long-beach.jpg